Graphic Designer Dwayne Harris

Dwayne Harris

Graphic Designer

Dwayne Harris has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist for more than 20 years. After spending five years as a designer for the Kansas City Star, Dwayne embarked on a freelance career as an illustrator, working for several publishers on a wide variety of properties, including “Game of Thrones.” His first published comic appeared in Heavy Metal magazine. Next came “Warhammer: Crown of Destruction,” a miniseries he drew for Boom Comics. A writer as well, Dwayne wrote and drew “Black Powder” for Asylum Press, as well as “Amnesia” and “John Henry: The Steam Age,” both for Arcana. His latest graphic novel, “Head Smash,” drawn for Vladar Films and Arcana, is now in development to be released as a film in 2015. He now divides his time between the Flathead Beacon and his freelance projects.