Graphic Designer Sharilyn Fairweather

Sharilyn Fairweather

Graphic Designer

Sharilyn Fairweather is a graphic designer and photographer who joined the Beacon Creative team in 2013. As a child, Sharilyn spent copious amounts of time painting, drawing and daydreaming. If you had asked her back then what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have said she wanted to be “an artist.” In pursuit of her dream, Sharilyn went to college to earn a bachelor of fine arts. Halfway through, she realized that she had no idea what to do with a BFA to make a living. So she quit. Yes, she was a quitter. Fortunately, she did not remain a quitter and in 2008 began her love affair with digital photography. Digital photography led to a love affair with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop led to a romance with Adobe Lightroom, and pretty soon she was dating the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Soon all of her various affairs culminated into an associate of applied science degree in graphic design in 2012. Sharilyn is currently in a long-term relationship with graphic design, and she has not yet grown up.